Our team dog sitting behind all six Blankstill tumblers.




Blankstill was founded by a group of five in Berlin. We are part of a collective of close-knit friends, unified by our shared love for hosting dinner parties.

Over countless evenings filled with food and conversations, we found ourselves longing for something to add an extra dash of excitement to our tables and so Blankstill was born. 

We set out to create designs that bring colour, vibrance, and a touch of personality to any occasion. Our glasses are not just functional tableware, but conversation pieces that add a unique flair to every gathering.

Our products are designed in Berlin and then brought to life in Poland, home to some of the best traditional glassware manufacturers worldwide. This blend of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship results in pieces that are truly unique.


For every occasion

Our products are made to make memorable occasions even more unforgettable. Living in a city where people predominantly wear black, we bring colour to Berlin’s dinner tables. Confidence in every sip.

Redefining Versatility in Every Glass

At Blankstill it’s our vision to colour the tables of the world with our unique glassware designs, inspired by the vibrant energy of our home city, Berlin. Our designs are not just functional tableware, but items that serve as a form of self-expression, adding a touch of excitement and memorability to every gathering - no matter how big or intimate.